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Welcome to Letfli.com!

Letfli.com is a passion project spearheaded by a single individual dedicated to travel product reviews .

The purpose is straightforward

Letfli.com is a one-person project led by a passionate traveler. Its main objective is to explore affiliate marketing with a particular focus on products in the travel sector.

Founder Profile

Established in 2023, letfli.com was founded by Shahmeer Latif, an ardent travel product reviews enthusiast. With a personal love fortravel product reviews,
Shahmeer Latif envisioned a platform that could . Today, he remains the sole driver behind the content creation, sharing his knowledge and experiences with the growing community.


As a genuine travel enthusiast, Shahmeer Latif is fueled by an unwavering passion, exploring the latest trends, products, and techniques within trave.

Community Focus

 Beyond being a blog, Letfli.com is an open space. Shahmeer Latif encourages readers to share experiences, pose questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Explore a variety of content on Letfli.com, 

In-depth Travel product reviews

Collaborations and Partnerships

Open to collaborations and partnerships aligning with our values, Shahmeer Latif invites interested parties to explore opportunities. Visit our Contact Page for more details.

Thank You for Being a Part of Letfli.com!

Shahmeer Latif is happy to have you join the Letfli.com community, regardless of your level of experience or where you are in your journey. We appreciate you making him your go-to source for anything related to travel!

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